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Entrepreneurs! Here is the secret to an authoritative online presence and high conversions

Social Media Optimisation is the most efficient strategy to gain customer trust and skyrocket your sales.

We, at SEO India LLP, can optimise social media for your business and make it a lead generation magnet.

Yes, you heard it right. Today 65% of customers are inclined toward buying a product or availing of a service if the brand has a robust digital footprint. A solid brand recognition brings in:

2x leads

Brand awareness among the right target group

Direct interaction with customers

Immense trust by customers

Better insight into your target audience’s needs

Decent site traffic by adding a link to your website

High conversion rate

So, you see how significant it is for you to build and strengthen your brand image online.  Here we, a leading social media optimisation company in India, come to your rescue.

Social Media Optimization is an absolute game changer for your business. Wondering why? Putting out different forms of content that portray your brand message well results in higher engagement and soaring sales metrics.  Also, you can witness an improved customer retention rate by strategically targeting your content to your target group. That is the power of optimising your social media handles. Oh, and we help you build and manage your brand’s presence so you can invest your time elsewhere.

4 Strategies to level up your business through SMO

1.   Optimise your content according to different platforms

You need to religiously follow a different content strategy and form for different social media handles. Instagram, for example, expects you to post video content with short captions and be active on stories for higher engagement. Linkedin, on the other hand, loves detailed captions more. Creating content crafted just for that particular network works wonders.

2.   Adding external links is the key to better site traffic

Start adding external links to your blogs and watch it do its magic. External links help you rank higher as they portray your content’s relevance and authenticity. By doing this, Google is convinced that your content is helpful and pushes your content amidst the vast pool of content on the internet. Attaching external links puts your website in front of a larger audience and welcomes overwhelming website traffic.

3.   Reach your target group by using relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the most underrated strategy to enhance your business’s reach. If you abide by using hashtags closely related to your business, no one can stop you from attracting leads and sliding them down the sales funnel. You can use them under your Instagram or LinkedIn posts. The right audience will find their way to you by searching for those hashtags and landing on your business page.

4.   Understand the algorithm to enhance your brand’s discovery

Optimising your social media is incomplete if you lack knowledge about the mechanism of the platform’s algorithm. Knowing what kind of content is in trend for a particular media and the need to follow the relevant trend is a no-brainer. Also, a secret hack that’ll help you plan your content strategy even better is to monitor your post metrics constantly. Look out for what’s working for your niche and business and what’s not. This will come to your rescue to provide tons of value in the long run.

Social Media Optimization can be a tedious process. You might miss out on something or the other, leaving a lot of money on the table. Don’t worry; we are here to support you through your optimisation journey and cheer for you as you achieve your milestones. Choose from our comprehensive range of social media optimisation services, allowing us to build persistent digital brand authority for you.

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